Welcome to AR AIR GROUP

AR AIR Group is proud to be one of the youngest institute for training and flying school, flight supports, flight operations and charter services provider to serve all six continents, and thanks to our customers response to our offerings, we are also the world’s fastest-growing industry. We connect more than 150 destinations on the map every day, and an unrivalled level of service from our home and hub.

With the breadth of network coverage today, virtually no destination is unreachable. This is why the commitment to service is our paramount; as our guests are travelling farther and more frequently than ever before, the experience on board is an important part of the journey itself.

Since our launch in 2014, AR AIR Group has earned many academic award and accolades. We have accomplished these goals by focusing on the details – how we run the business, and how you experience our industry.

Our goal is to make AR AIR Group your first line of choice, offering the flights you want to the destinations you need. That drives our team of professionals every day, and will continue to motivate us.

On behalf of everyone at AR AIR Group, we look forward to welcoming you on board, and let us Go Places Together.

Thank you.

AR Aerospace

AR Aerospace Pakistan is a Global Aviation Consulting Firm Established with an aim to provide quality Aviation education and training, in Karachi.

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AR Air International

With an assemblage of comprehensive range of aviation services at many locations worldwide, spanning 160 countries across 7 continents.

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AR AIR Group Pakistan is here for you.

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