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Chief Executive of AR AIR Group Pakistan

CEOOur success is based on our entrepreneurial spirit. It is guided by our sense of market opportunities and delivered due to our experience, knowledge and organizational culture. It is driven by our vision and values.

Musarrat Aamir Chairman and Chief Executive of AR AIR Group Pakistan. Over the past 03 Years continually, Musarrat Aamir has been at the forefront of AR AIR Group Pakistan remarkable economic development spearheading the successful expansion of aviation and, more recently, formulating economic, investment fiscal policies and strategies in support of the AR AIR Group Pakistan overarching vision.

Musarrat Aamir embarked on her career in the aviation industry from 2014 when Musarrat Aamir was appointed Chief Executive Officer of AR Aerospace Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. Musarrat Aamir is now the Accountable Manager and Chief Executive of AR AIR Group Pakistan. A leading global provider of EASA-147 trainings, EASA Part 66 and MRO.

Under Musarrat Aamir leadership, an organizational restructuring of AR AIR Group resulting in the creation of the AR Aerospace Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. and AR AIR International Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. Which are fulfilling with our commitment and promises to delivering exceptional services to our clients and bring the world together to business with Pakistan. Her ambitions and dedications with country people and with the Aviation Industry is fulfilling with the Time.

WE will continuously strive to maintain our position as the world’s most trusted and leading aviation services provider. We cover you to the same high standards that we cover ourselves.

We are different from other players in our industry and purposefully. Companies cease to grow when they cease to be innovative, and among growing companies the one which emerges as the market leader is the company which invests heavily in its people. AR AIR GROUP resolutely believes that it is our people who will continue to drive our future growth and it is our inviolable responsibility to ensure the continuing growth of our people in line with the growth of the company itself.

The AR AIR Group team is dedicated to undertake whatever is necessary to move the company forward in an enterprising positive and determined fashion. They are accurate and proactive to respond to customers’ requests improving their experience.

Our greatest strength is our brands and our people. No wonder we exude the pride that we do.

Hope you enjoy our website!

Musarrat Aamir
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
AR AIR Group


AR AIR Group Pakistan is here for you.

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